New Family & Friends Signature Program

NAMI KENTUCKY is pleased to announce we have partnered with NAMI National to bring to you this fall:


Read below to learn more about this educational and training opportunity:

Hum, what is NAMI Family & Friends? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
NAMI Family & Friends is a free 90-minute or four-hour seminar that informs people who have loved ones with a mental health condition how to best support them. It’s also an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations and gain community support.

What You’ll Learn!
The seminar is led by trained people with lived experience of supporting a family member with a mental health condition. They will walk you through the following topics.

Understanding diagnoses, treatment and recovery
Effective communication strategies
The importance of self-care
Crisis preparation strategies
NAMI and community resources

What People Are Saying?

“Hearing personal experiences and how relatable my experiences are to them was very helpful. Hearing specific strategies to communicate and specific traits that people with mental illness have. Know that the illness is what can cause “cruelty” and poor decisions rather than the person.”

“I have a better understanding of how mental illness impacts the person affected…it was nice to hear the stories of the instructors and their paths. The handbook (eBook) given has a lot of helpful information which I did not know about.”

To teach and offer Family and Friends, how does one get certified & who can get certified?
Family & Friends can be taught by those already certified in these 3 programs:

If you are a trained and certified FAMILY TO FAMILY, BASICS, or HOMEFRONT teacher with NAMI Kentucky, you meet the pre-requisites to train and lead this program.
You must become certified and complete a training with NAMI on-line via the 360 portal. Once you complete that training, you can offer and teach NAMI Family and Friends to your affiliate or across the state virtually.

If you meet the pre-requisites and would like to take the training to become a certified Family and Friends Teacher, email, and we’ll get you registered today! There is no application to submit and one should be an active member.

Thank you,
NAMI Kentucky 859-550-6628
 NAMI Membership is required for this program!