Become a NAMI Family Advocate for IPS Supported Employment in 2022

Become a NAMI Family Advocate for IPS Supported Employment in 2022!

Are you still setting goals for 2022?  We have one you may want to consider. NAMI Kentucky is actively recruiting for this volunteer community liaison position all over the state.  We would like to have 1 or more to serve in the areas where our 15 Community Mental Health Centers are located.  Our goal is to recruit as many Family Advocates by June 30th, but if we don’t reach our goal, we will continue on throughout the summer and fall.  We have confidence we can do this! 

What does a NAMI Family Advocate exactly do to promote IPS Supported Employment?

  • FA brings community awareness and education to reduce stigma
  • FA encourages clients and family members to attend NAMI
  • FA educates NAMI members and community about IPS
  • FA encourages NAMI members to become a Family Advocate
  • FA works with NAMI affiliates to invite employment specialists to speak at a meeting to explain the program plus benefits to clients and employers
  • FA promotes IPS on affiliate social media
  • FA provides IPS handouts at NAMI displays
  • FA works with IPS supervisor to write a news article for local papers within county health center areas
  • FA participates with local Chamber of Commerce – networking with local employers
  • FA works with IPS team to submit success stories to NAMI KY for newsletters
  • FA meets with IPS Employment Specialist supervisor regularly to discuss how to better collaborate
  • FA educates IPS staff on NAMI and how to better promote NAMI
  • FA performs presentations at local mental health agencies
  • FA promotes public and community awareness of mental illness like other illnesses for greater acceptance
Region/CMHCNAMI Family AdvocatePhone/Email
Four RiversBrenda Benson

Nicole Champion

Rachael McCary

Grant McCary

Vicky Simpson

Jana Wilson
(270) 748-6133
(270) 970- 7223
(270) 205-0602
(270) 727-1643
(859) 629 -220
(270) 816-2671
Penny Royal Gayla Lockhart

Barry Maudlin
(270) 776-4004
(270) 498-2556
River ValleyVanessa Rolf
(502) 415-3586
Lifeskills Inc.Rebecca
(270) 772-2779
CommunicareRebecca Coursey

Melony Cunningham
(270) 772-2779
CenterstoneDavid Carter

Nancy Brooks

Nada George Kaissieh
(812) 557-4436
(502) 553-4324
NorthkeyJessica Turner

Austin McQuistion
(859) 443-9633
(513) 706-7093
ComprehendSharon Darnell

Sue Abshire
(606) 584-2716
(606) 841-1041
Sheila Bolin

Ellen Gray
(606) 362-4968
(606) 548-7865
Mountain CC
Doug Crowdus

Patricia Fields

Kay Lane

Mary Prater

Marcia Morgan
(606) 554-7001
(606) 422- 2877
(606) 253- 8039
(606) 339-2707
Kentucky RiverSheila Bolin

Waltr Lane
(606) 362-4968
Cumberland RiverSteven Hoeck
(606) 282-3793
AdantaSteven Hoeck

Lisa Hays
(606) 282-3793
(859( 878- 6474
Bluegrass/New VistaMelony Cunningham

Brenda Harrington

Kim McClain

Amberosya King

Waltr Lane
(859) 550-6628
(859) 229-6843
(859) 202-5298

_____Yes, I would like to become a Family Advocate for my affiliate and CMHC, and start training right away.

_____Yes, I am very interested and would like to know more about this volunteer opportunity.

_____No, I am not interested in this volunteer opportunity, but I feel this would be a great opportunity for another person.  Their name is __________________________and they can be reached via phone_____________________ or email_________________________.