NAMI Kentucky Multicultural Diversity & Inclusion Training

NAMI KENTUCKY is pleased to announce we are now launching our muliticultural and diversity and inclusion training series virtually. This is in collaborative partnership with different agencies and businesses. You will be able to take these trainings from the comfort of your home via smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Affiliate leaders should register for the whole series and others interested. The trainings are free and membership is not required.

To register, email to register today! How does NAMI Kentucky and our affiliates ensure we are culturally competent? Are we engaging with minority and under-served populations successfully? Has your affiliate tried? Were you successful or unsuccessful with your engagement efforts? Do you feel you need more information, guidance, and strategic targeted skill-sets? What does all of this mean exactly, and how do we achieve this? With the help of our collaborative partners, and this wonderful trainings series, we expect to see affiliate and program diversity growth within 3 to 6 months.

What is cultural competency?
Cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures. In practice, both individuals and organizations can be culturally competent. Culture must be considered at every step of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). “Culture” is a term that goes beyond just race or ethnicity. It can also refer to such characteristics as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, income level, education, geographical location, or profession.Cultural competence means to be respectful and responsive to the health beliefs and practices-and cultural and linguistic needs-of diverse population groups. Developing cultural competence is also an evolving, dynamic process that takes time and occurs along a continuum.

We are offering a series of virtual trainings to assist our NAMI affiliates to achieve cultural diversity, competency and inclusion engagement successfully. Register today!

Dates & Times:

August 5th, 2021-Featuring Majose Carrasco of Majose Carrasco Consulting
Majose Carrasco will present overall multicultural outreach and cultural competence overview.
6:30PM to 7:45PM, EST

August 24th, 2021-Featuring Majose Carrasco of Majose Carrasco Consulting
Majose Carrasco will present on best practices on how to serve the Latino Community effectively with engagement of NAMI affiliates and programs.
6:30PM to 7:45PM, EST

September 21st, 2021-Featuring Yolonda Kelsor, M.S. of NAMI Ohio & Bridges to Hope Consulting LLC
Yolanda Kelsor will present on best practices on how to serve the African American Community effectively with engagement of NAMI affiliates and programs. About Yolonda Kelsor…I am a Recovery Ambassador for Bridges to Hope a Prevention Resource Partner. I believe that through education, people living with chronic conditions can still have hope! As a writer, I want to share hope! As an Educator, I believe it is the key to recovery!
7:00PM to 8:15PM, EST

October 21, 2021-Featuring P.C.S.O.-Pride Community Services Organization of Lexington, Kentucky
Miles Feroli of P.C.S.O. will present on best practices on how to serve the LGBTQIA community effectively with engagement of NAMI affiliates and programs. The trainer, Miles Feroli, MSC, is an internationally, academically trained Gender and Women’s studies scholar. He is an award-winning educator, author, activist, and feminist academic who leads diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings focused on LGBTQIA+ social justice issues at interpersonal and institutional levels. His doctoral research centers the lived experiences and media representations of transgender people who are parents to improve anti-oppression public policy and promote regional LGBTQIA+ cultural competency. Through a combination of his professional training and personal experiences as a queer transgender man, he develops and facilitates innovative, intersectional programs both in and out of the classroom. These programs foster a sense of belonging and advance Kentucky’s movement towards social justice for all peoples.
6:30PM to 7:45PM, EST

November 30, 2021-Featuring Gayle Tang, MSN, RN of NAMI National
Gayle Tang will present on best practices on how to utilize interpretive and translations services effectively for persons of limited English proficiency with engagement of NAMI affiliates and programs.
7:00PM to 8:00PM, EST

Virtual Link: Sent to those who register
To register for these training classes, email or call 859-550-6628.
 NAMI Membership is not required but encouraged!

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